Boys Basketball wins.
Nuggets 75, Wadena-Deer Creek 40.

The Hawley Nugget boys basketball team entered their home court Thursday night with a distinct height advantage over opponent Wadena-Deer Creek. But the Wolverines had an arsenal of their own in the hot-handed Van Erp brothers. The Nuggets quickly went up 4-0, but stayed there for over two minutes due to several turnovers and a series of scoreless trips down the court. The Wolverines kept it close, tying the game 8-8 at one point until a crowd-pleasing dunk by Pekas at the 12 minute mark started a Nugget run. When the dust settled, it was the Wolverines who had been held scoreless for nearly 7 minutes and who found themselves on the wrong end of a 38-11 game. With four minutes to play, solid shooting by the Van Erps added 12 points to the home team’s four, and the Nuggets hit the locker room with a 42-23 advantage.

The second half proved to be all Nuggets as the boys poured it on with a more than 2:1 scoring advantage that led to a 70-37 game with 6:30 remaining and the starting five taking a seat. But the Nugget bench is deep and the boys held the Wolverines to just three and finished the game 75-40. The Hawley Nuggets head into the Christmas break with a 6-0 record. Nice job boys!

Thanks to the UCB Mystix dance team for treating the crowd to a fabulous jazz routine during half time.