Boys Basketball wins.
Nuggets 89, Breckenridge 64.

The Hawley Nugget men started their week with back-to-back games and back-to-back wins – the second coming Tuesday in Breckenridge. The Nuggets wrapped up their conference play against the Cowboys with an 89-64 win, earning the HOL conference title with a 11-1 record. Their sole loss came in double overtime at the hands of Perham in early January.

This would be the second meeting between the Nuggets and Cowboys. The Nuggets handled them easily in their first matchup coming away with a 29 point win.

The Cowboys would come into the tip off on a two game winning streak and ready to play. The Nuggets secured the tip and looked to have the first points but the easy bucket would not fall. The Cowboys took advantage of the miss and put the first two on the board. It was the only lead they would have on the night because at that point, Hawley proved they were on the road for a win. Jordan Harms started the deluge with a decisive dunk, followed by a convincing three. The Cowboys put in one from the charity stripe, Ellefson got a two underneath, and Harms added five more before Breckenridge called a timeout with the Nuggets up 12-3 with a little over four minutes off the clock.

What followed next was sheer spectator enjoyment for the Hawley fans who witnessed an offensive and defensive bonanza with the Nuggets defense triggering numerous turnovers and the offense connecting all around the hoop. The Nuggets ended the first half up 52-30.

Half two started up right where the first ended with a Cowboy turnover and a Harms bucket. At 11:05 the Nuggets took a 31 point lead. The Cowboys would make a few attempts to get back in it, but could not overcome the Nuggets’ length and quickness on defense or interrupt their communication on offense. The entire Hawley bench got some nice minutes as the Nuggets get win number 22 with a final score, 89-64.

The Nuggets will travel to Park Rapids Friday to finish regular season play.

Congratulations Nuggets!